Top 10 Q&A on Saint Valentine a.k.a the reason behind "Will you be my valentine?"

Top 10 Q&A on Saint Valentine a.k.a the reason behind "Will you be my valentine?"

5/27/2021 9:59:45 AM

Valentine's Day, or Saint Valentine's Day is an annualfestival celebrated on February 14. Originated as a Christian feast dayhonoring one or two early Christian martyrs named Saint Valentine, lets diginto some of the unknown facts about the Saint of Love and Martyrdom.

1. Was he is a real person? 

A: Officially, yes. He was a priest martyred around 270CE by Roman emperor Claudius II. 

2. How did he die? 

A: He was beheaded. Valentine was arrested and dragged before the Prefect of Rome, beaten with club at first and had his head cut off later. 

3. But why was he killed? 

A: The emperor Claudius II or “Claudius the Cruel” was determined to maintain a strong army for his bloody campaigns where most of the Romans young men were unwilling to join. This made the emperor furious and declared total ban on all marriage and engagements as he thought the reason for this is the attachment of his subject with their wives and children. 

At the same time, Saint Valentine was secretly defying the orders and was secretly performing marriages for young lovers. Obviously, this outrages the emperor and then our beloved saint was executed. 

4. Why 14th Feb? 

A: It’s in honor of Saint Valentine when he was executed on the same day during AD 269. It was not well known until the year AD 496 when the feast of Saint Valentine was established by Pope.

5. Is Valentine day related to Christianity? 

A: It’s tricky. In fact, there are many Christians who don’t celebrate it due to reason of being it associated with pagan festival of Lupercalia but this claim doesn’t have enough evidence.

6. Does everyone celebrate Valentine’s Day? 

A: No, Valentine’s Day is haram in Islam. Some Christians also considered it as a sin. 

7. How is Saint Valentine’s Day celebrated? 

A: This is interesting. Valentine's Day is an annual festival that comes every February 14. It’s a festival to celebrate romance, friendship, love and admiration. It’s celebrated by between partners, family and friends by sending messages of love, friendship and affections.

8. Is Valentine’s Day bad? 

A: There is nothing wrong with sending a friend or your partner a suitable gift that is affordable at the same time. It’s bad when the gift is incredibly expensive as we believe that buying expensive gifts or dining at nice restaurant only on Valentine’s Day has little to do with building your relationship. It’s always the love and affections that matters.  

9. What’s the most popular Valentine’s Day gift in US? 

assorted-color bar soap lot on white surface

A: Chocolate. What else :)

10. Is there any god associated with Valentine’s Day? 

A: Yes but only accordingly to Roman Mythology. It says, Cupid, the Roman god of love often depicted as a winged infant is celebrated as a figure of Valentine's Day.

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